The Malt Whisky Association in Finland is Finland's first officially registered whisky association. The Association was founded in Helsinki in November 1998. Its is based in Helsinki but its activities reach out to encompass the whole of Finland.

Malt Whisky culture to the fore

The Association's main aim is to promote malt whisky, especially Scottish, as a part of food and drink culture in Finland. Other types of whisky, while not the centre of attention, nevertheless hold a welcome place.

The Association collects as much information as it can on malt whisky, its manufacture, consumption, etiquette and history. Its aim is to spread knowledge and understanding of whisky through various functions and channels, also using the printed word and electronic means.

Hand in hand, glass in hand

Good relations and collaboration with our friends is our motto. The Malt Whisky Association is happy to collaborate with other whisky assocations, beer associations, restaurants, importers and distilleries, at home and abroad.

Accreditation: our stamp of approval

Our Association has developed a system of accreditation for restaurants, businesses, etc. working in the field of malt whisky. More information on accreditation can be obtained from the officers listed at the end of this brochure.

Getting together to appreciate whisky

The Association organises functions both for its members and a wider public. Open functions are organised three or four times a year. Whisky is presented with regard for both theory and practice. Experts are invited to share with us their extensive knowledge of whisky and associated culture.


An information bulletin is sent to members approximately every second month. The possibility of publishing a more widely distributed magazine is being investigated. The Association has a web site, where news on activities and whisky can be found.

Out and about

The Assocation organises visits to restaurants where whisky is appreciated. In future years we plan to visit distilleries in Scotland.

How to become a member

You may apply for membership using our printed form. The minimum age for members is 20. The main criterion for membership is a genuine interest in whisky culture. The joining fee for private members is 40 €, in addition to which there is an annual subscription. In 2009 the subscription has been set to 20€.
The Association also accepts sustaining members. The membership fee for sustaining members is 100€.

Want to know more?

Our officers will be happy to give you more information if you require it:

Mr Antti Tuurala
President of the Assocation
Tel. Intl + 358 40 5169 541
e-mail: antti (at)

Mr Seppo Siika-aho
Secretary to the Assocation
Tel. Intl + 358 50 356 68 17
Email: siika (at )

Malt Whisky Association in Finland
Suomen Mallaswhiskyseura ry.
PO Box 71
FIN-00521 Helsinki

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